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Munchkin Grassfed reviews


Late last year you did some filming on our farm 'Annfield' in NZ with "Pumpkin" the cow. Our wee girl Charlie was involved.

I am writing this to say many thanks to Munchkin for all of the gifts we received as a thank you.

As you know at the time of filming I was pregnant with our second wee girl. Indie was born on the 3 Feb this year 6 weeks early. She was born well but has struggled immensely with colic and reflux and with that has struggled to sleep which in turn means she is still very small. Your latch bottles are fantastic. Charlie suffered from colic and reflux also which we had to medicate her for. Me being as stubborn as I am hate the thought of having to medicate my children at such a young age but will do what is best for them to see them thrive so when you launched your grass fed formula and us being suppliers of the milk, I thought I would give it a go before going to the specialist with Indie to sort her colic and reflux. We are 5 days into using the formula and what a miracle it is. Indie has 2 bottles of formula a day (the rest still from me). I give her 1 bottle in the middle of the day and 1 bottle before bed. She hardly cries/screams anymore and we get anywhere from 10 - 12 hours a sleep at night from her (compared to waking every 1.5 - 2 hours a night).

She is a completely different child.


I wanted to let you know that my son loves the formula. In the middle of the night...he downs the ENTIRE bottle and then says, more!


Hi, my name's Abby and I have a 7 month old daughter. As a first time mum I knew breast feeding wasn't going to be an easy ride but I was determined to feed as long as possible. But with my daughter Rose having silent reflux and colic, as well as having an oversupply, it wasn't an easy ride and it was a constant uphill battle. After 3 months I pulled the pin and switched over to full time formula feeds. Then came time for trial and error of many different formulas. I spent hours researching the "miracle" formula. Hoping that something would make Rose more settled. Countless trips to the chemist hoping I would find the cure to reflux but nothing helped. We also tried chiros, osteos and paediatric appointments, medications and homeopathic treatments. Until I was given the opportunity for Rose to be one of the first in Australia to trial the new Munchkin Grass Fed formula. I was so excited and so hopeful that it would help Rose's reflux, as every day is a challenge to get her to have bottles.

After a week trying the formula, Rose was sleeping better, drinking nearly every bottle dry, and noticeably a much more settled and happy baby. We are now into week 4 of the formula and she is thriving. I no longer have to wrap her and take her into a quiet dark room to feed her a bottle. She seems more settled and less in pain but also she is more regular. Thank you to the incredible team at Munchkin for helping my little angel.


After experiencing issues breastfeeding my youngest daughter, Teddy, we quickly had to move onto mixed feeding, and then to full formula feeding around the three-month mark. Very quickly we ran into issues finding a suitable formula that didn’t upset her sensitive tummy. I found it very hard to find relevant and informative information about formula and how to select a suitable formula for your child. During our search, I was fortunate enough to chat to Mandy Sacher – a leading Paediatric Nutritionist and Wholesome Child founder. Mandy gave me some really great information about what to look for when selecting a formula, including why is it important to choose a formula with probiotics and one that is free from antibiotics. It was here I was introduced to Munchkin Grass Fed. This new alternative, appealed to me for a multitude of reasons. What stood out the most for me, is that Munchkin Grass Fed is sourced from cows fed a 100% grass fed diet, free from a genetically modified feed like corn, soy or canola oil.

We trialled the formula for a week and within a few days, we had great success! My little one seemed a lot happier, she was sleeping through because she would take a full bottle now and all her little tummy upsets and constipation issues were resolved. We’re now coming onto six months and we have been super happy with Munchkin Grass Fed. We'll be moving onto the brand’s follow on formula very soon!


I started mix feeding with my daughter Indi, we tried one brand which made her constipated and wasn't agreeing with her. I was giving her coloxl drops in her bottle, which I felt very uneasy doing. Even as a second time parent I was stressed with all these things happening. I was actually running research on different formulas and I came across Munchkin Grass Fed as a new premium alternative. The fact that it was made from 100% grass fed milk (no grains) instantly appealed to me and we decided to give it a go. Since making the change, Indi has become less unsettled, started loving her bottles, no longer had tummy pains or constipation and is generally happier throughout the day.

The relief knowing that Indi loves her new grass fed formula, and that’s she is happy and healthy, drinking around 8 bottles per day is great! Anyone who formula feeds, knows it can be trial and error until you find a formula that agrees with your baby, and I'm so happy I stumbled across this one. We’ll be moving onto the toddler stage when the time approaches.

Melissa Watts – The Modern Mumma

We had tried all sorts of formula with Indie and nothing really seemed to agree with her stomach. Majority of the time she would have spit-ups (which wasn’t very fun for her or my trackie tops!). I learnt about a new formula, Munchkin Grass Fed through another blog and decided to try the Follow-on Formula (Stage 2). We have been using Munchkin Grass Fed for over 8 weeks and I’ve seen massive improvements in Indie. She’s more settled, has less stomach upsets, is generally happier and loves her bottle time (which I’m over the moon about).


When it comes to bottle feeding, so many parents go through the torture of having to find the right formula for their child. Personally, I struggled with a breast fed baby who decided to wean herself at around nine months old, and then didn't settle on a formula as easily as I world have hoped. Every child is different, so I am so grateful for the large array of formulas on the market. Thankfully I came across Munchkin Grass Fed, and since finding this formula my little one has been drinking full bottles, and the issues both in the tub and nappy have disappeared. Hallelujah. I can’t praise Munchkin enough!


When I fell pregnant about five odd years ago, parenting advice generally came from family or friends, however with social media being such a huge platform for others to voice their opinion about breast versus bottle, there’s one thing to remember: fed is best. After popping out two very awesome kids and only being able to breastfeed both of them for a maximum of two months if I was lucky, I learnt to do what worked for me and my children rather than listen to someone who was ill-informed, close minded and most of the time, just plain bloody rude. I’ve never understood how other people’s parenting choices were that of someone else’s business, especially when it came to how a mother should feed their child.

Seeing as both Madi and Max have been bottle fed for most of their lives (obviously Madi is no longer on the bottle as she now instead enjoys a nice babycino with two, not one, marshmallows), I have gone through my fair share of different brands when it comes to baby formula. I’ve had some give the kids diarrhoea, constipation, reflux and then others the kids have just not wanted a bar of it. As parents, obviously we want to know what is going into the bodies of our babies, so to be ensured that we choose the right formula for our child is somewhat of a pretty substantial decision.

Max has gone through about four different brands of formula since starting on the bottle when he was quite little, however most recently (when I say recently I mean three months ago), we began trying Munchkin Grass Fed milk-based formula. Long story short, most formulas contain milk or milk by-products, and for me I would much rather those aspects of the formula that I feed my child come from a happy and healthy cow that can provide all the natural goodness that my bubba needs as he grows up. Another great aspect of this formula is that is free from GMO (genetically modified organisms). Now I am no expert, but anything that starts with ‘genetically modified’ is something I probably want to steer clear of when it comes to anything that the kids put in their body!

Now I was already sold on this product when I agreed to give it a go, so when it came to the final verdict, I tend to let Max take control. The kid doesn’t even talk but the fact that he didn’t experience any negative side effects, he gets excited about his bottle and is growing up as healthy as he can be, I’d say we have a winner. I may not be feeding him straight from the boob, but at least I am feeding him which is all we can do as parents! Breast or bottle, give yourself a bloody big pat on the back for feeding your child and keeping them alive. I feel like I am doing the best that I possibly can and if Max is happy with Munchkin grass-fed formula, then so am I.


Life for our little boy Arley didn’t start out as we planned, unfortunately, he was diagnosed with lactose intolerance at the age of 4 months so for a while we were restricted what we could feed him. Once he was 8 months old and tolerating dairy in his diet I decided it was time to ditch the lactose free formula. I was lucky enough to be introduced to the Munchkin Grass Fed formula and really liked the standard that this milk offered in comparison to what else was available on the market. A month and a half later he is a full Munchkin Grass Fed baby with no signs of any problems. We love it and seemingly so does Arley and will continue to use this formula. Well done Munchkin on producing such a high quality but affordable product.

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